Fortymile River Points

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Fortymile River Points

To get to the Mid­dle Fork you will need to char­ter a plane out of Tok, Alas­ka to take you to the rough, bumpy strip at Joseph. From the east end of the strip there is a short trail lead­ing to the riv­er. The riv­er will lead you to the con­flu­ence with the North Fork, one of the most dra­mat­ic spots along the way and on to the South Fork con­flu­ence where it final­ly drops all the Forks and becomes the Fortymile River.

From the Mos­qui­to Fork Bridge you can do a 3 to 4 day, 50-mile run to Obrien Creek Bridge at mile 112.4 but high water is need­ed to get you down the Mos­qui­to Fork. This is also only a Class II to III sec­tion through the main min­ing dis­trict of Chick­en. You could con­tin­ue from either start past the Obrien Creek con­flu­ence and com­mit to going all the way down the Fortymile, through the Class IV Canyon Rapids to the Yukon and on down it to Eagle…  ...more

From O’Brien Creek to Eagle is anoth­er 90 miles and could be a trip of its own, with over half of it on the Yukon Riv­er. Maybe you can hitch a ride on a stern­wheel­er bring­ing tourists down from Dawson!

This take out is by car.

From the West Fork Bridge you can do a 4 to 5 day 75-mile run to the Obrien Creek Bridge at mile 112.4, with only up to Class III rapids.

The take out at Eagle is on riv­er left so stay left well above it in order to get across the strong cur­rent to the take out. The Vil­lage is by the riv­er and there is an airstrip if you were fly­ing home.