Photo Credit: Robin Johnson

The Best Wildlife Viewing Spots in Elfin Cove

Wildlife abounds in Elfin Cove, including marine mammals and birds. Humpbacks hang out in nearby Cross Sound, feasting on krill and fry. Sea lions bellow on nearby haulouts, and sea otters frolic in the kelp. Large numbers of sandhill cranes and geese migrate through in spring and fall. And while rarely in town, brown bears are also prevalent on the island and you may see them fishing or playing on nearby beaches.

If seeing whales or bears is at the top of your list, be sure and book a local charter so you have a good chance to see them in their natural habitat – in Cross Sound for marine life and along the coastline or in the nearby Port Althorp Bear Preserve for brown bear. Otherwise, keep your eyes out on the flight into town. Your seaplane pilot will point out any whale pods below.

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Best Wildlife Viewing Spots in Elfin Cove

With more than six­ty per­cent of the world’s hump­back whales migrat­ing here from Hawaii, you’re just about guar­an­teed a sight­ing. You might even be able to sit at the dock in Elfin Cove and spot whales out in Cross Sound feed­ing in front of Brady glacier.