Best Playgrounds in Anchorage & the Valley

Anchorage boasts 223 parks with 82 playgrounds: Some are in the middle of residential areas, and others feel like they’ve been manicured into the center of the wilderness. As you head north to Wasilla, Palmer, and Talkeetna, you’ll find even more playgrounds that take advantage of the unique assets of their locations. Here’s a list of our top picks.

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Locat­ed at the north­west cor­ner of Westch­ester Lagoon, and next to the Coastal Trail and Westch­ester Bike Path, the playground’s group­ings of equip­ment cre­ate a bril­liant play envi­ron­ment that is fun and challenging.

The play­ground here is one of the largest in Anchorage.

Set along the Coastal Trail at the very end of 5th Avenue in Anchor­age, Elder­ber­ry boasts 1.5 acres of scenic park­land with great views of Cook Inlet. Because it’s close to down­town, you can make this a rest stop while tour­ing and shop­ping down­town. Come with a pic­nic, or just a walk while enjoy­ing the view.

Acces­si­ble from both the Camp­bell Creek Green­belt Trail and Lake Otis Park­way, this cen­tral­ly locat­ed park got a seri­ous facelift to its play­ground in 2013.


There are also bal­ance beams, mon­key bars, ropes and inclined tires for climb­ing. If that’s not enough, views of Pio­neer Peak and oth­er moun­tains in the Chugach Range are as good as you’ll get any­where in town, while its two pavil­ions make host­ing par­ties a cinch.


Built almost entire­ly of heavy wood­en beams, this com­plex of tow­ers, swings, mon­key bars, and slides can keep kids of all ages enter­tained for hours.

Big Lake

A vol­ley­ball court, tire swings, climb­ing areas, and lots of grass with access to a swim­ming beach, where the water isn’t very deep.


Tal­keet­na may have one of Alaska’s best adult play­grounds, as it hosts moun­tain climbers and adven­tur­ers from all over the world, but that doesn’t mean kids don’t fit in, too. A group of moth­ers got togeth­er in 2008 and built this play­ground, wor­thy of a fron­tier town. Con­struct­ed from rough-hewn tim­bers, the play area incor­po­rates mazes, cab­ins, swings, slides, and even art from local children.