Aniuk River Points

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Aniuk River Points

You should be able to arrange a pick­up here and then fly out of Kotzebue.

Howard Pass is acces­si­ble by wheelplane from Bet­tles, Cold­foot, or Kotze­bue. You will have to car­ry your gear at first to the small rocky stream that is the Aniuk Riv­er and for many miles the riv­er is small and you may have to line through some of the sharp rocky riffles.

For any­one not inter­est­ed in the beau­ti­ful head­wa­ters and instead wants the wide val­ley of the low­er riv­er then there is a grav­el strip at the con­flu­ence with the Cut­ler Riv­er where you could start.

For those inter­est­ed in see­ing some of the upper Noatak you can con­tin­ue 20 miles more to fly out of the grav­el strip at the con­flu­ence of the Cut­ler Riv­er and the Noatak River.