Alaska Sea Kayaking Spots with Good Hiking

Make your own combined land and sea adventure by kayaking to these excellent hiking spots!

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Points of Interest

A pop­u­lar drop off and pick­up beach for water taxi, how­ev­er camp­ing is not an option on this beach. Most peo­ple choose to pad­dle a short dis­tance towards the glac­i­ers for durable and lev­el camping.

A large, pop­u­lar beach for camp­ing and water taxi drop offs and pick ups. Only 17 miles from Whit­ti­er it is often a first or last camp spot for inter­me­di­ate pad­dlers with­out a water taxi. This beach pro­vides large durable camp­ing areas and fresh glacial streams in the vicinity.

Fac­ing Beloit Glac­i­er, 17 Mile Lagoon and the near­by Eagle´s Nest beach­es are pop­u­lar beach­es for kayak­ing trips near­by the tide­wa­ter glac­i­ers. This point is easy to find as it lies just on the glac­i­er side of the very shal­low ter­mi­nal moraine of Beloit Glac­i­er on Willard Island.

There is a small creek for fresh water, and wood­en walk­ways in the trees. Tent plat­forms are tucked up on the inside of a small spit of land, and the drop off beach faces due East on the oppo­site side of the spit.

As you cruise through it, this spec­tac­u­lar pas­sage necks down nar­row­er and nar­row­er until you are look­ing straight up at lush green walls that seem to enclose the boat on both sides. You’ll rarely see anoth­er boat in here.

On the south­west shore of Coghill Lake, on a lagoon just before the Coghill Riv­er, on the east side of Col­lege Fiord in Prince William Sound. Trail is 3 miles.