Only a few miles from the end of the Denali Park Road (85 miles in, about 5 hours by bus), this is the classic McKinley view from the north side, made famous by Ansel Adams’ photographs. Only one tour bus travels this far (park shuttle buses also come here), and the best photos are from the north end of the lake, where you get the perspective immortalized by Adams. You can also take the bus to the far end of the lake and hop off as it climbs “Otter Hill.” You aren’t going to get really great photos unless you stay overnight, since the best light is from 10–11 p.m. And you need to allow 2–3 days to increase the likelihood that the mountain will be out in the evening. (Even then, don’t be disappointed if you come out here for 3 days and never see it!) You can stay at a Park Service campground on the lake or at a wilderness lodge near the old mining town of Kantishna.


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This campground is not accessible by car.

Getting There

Mile 84.4 Denali Park Rd
Denali Park, AK

Mile 84.4 Denali Park Rd

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Wonder Lake Campground (Mile 84.4)