White Mountains Recreational Area


The White Mountain National Recreation Area has over 200 miles of winter trails that are shared by dog mushers, skiiers, skijorers, and snow machiners. This is a mostly treeless area and all trails are marked with tripods. Motorized vehicles are allowed on most trails from October 16 to April 30th. Parking areas are marked with large signs on the highway.

All Research Natural Areas are closed to motorized vehicles at all times in an effort to preserve them for future research. The Ski Loop and Summit Trails are also closed to all motorized vehicles.


Several cabins have been built along the White Mountain winter trails to provide visitors with safety and comfort during their adventures. Public Use Cabins must be reserved and paid for in advance, while shelter cabins are first-come, first-served. Reservations can be made by phone at (907) 474-2251.

The BLM does try to supply all the cabins with firewood, however there are no guarantees. It is a good idea to bring firewood with you or come prepared to cut your own. Be sure to replace all the wood you burn, and leave dry kindling and wood in the cabin for the next user.

All cabins have a cooking area, table, bunks, and outhouse. The BLM also equips each cabin with a propane cookstove and latern, axe and bow saw, shovel, fire extinguisher, broom and dust pan, thermometer, and cabin logbook.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.959168
Longitude: -147.616768