Wagon Road Trail (McCarthy Access)


4 miles



This historical trail through the woods between McCarthy and Kennicott was the walking/wagon road when the railroad was still running. It's a nice alternative to walking or biking up the 4.5-mile-long road between McCarthy and Kennicott, where you'll find more vehicles and dusty conditions. Besides peace and quiet on this road, you'll experience the old Kennicott Cemetery, about a 25-minute walk from Kennicott. If you're coming up from McCarthy, you'll walk for 1.5 hours before there's any sort of view, but then—wow—you'll see spectacular views of Kennicott Glacier and beyond.

You can find the trail by walking up the main road to Kennicott about 10 minutes past the museum. There will be a sign on the left side of the road indicating the start of the wagon road. You'll see the sign/trail just past the red and white cabin on your right. Once on the trail, stay to the right whenever in question as there are a couple times when other trails fork off to the left. As always, be alert for bears and bikers.

Getting There

Latitude: 61.4364489
Longitude: -142.9159069
Driving Directions