Wagon Road Trail (Kennicott Access)



If you've spent the day in Kennicott, on the glacier trail, or in the mountains and still can't get enough of the outdoors, skip the shuttle ride down the hill to McCarthy and take this nice 1.5-hour walk. The Wagon Trail cuts off the main road just to the right of the St. Elias Guides office.

You can hike for about 35 minutes to get to the old Kennicott Cemetery. Many of those buried here were workers who sustained head injuries in the mines and in the buildings that processed the rocks. Pneumonia and other lung ailments from crushed rock also took a toll. Then there were all the people who forgot to duck and were decapitated by the tram towers while riding ore buckets up the mine. (This was the only thing the Kennicott Mine Corporation required signing a waiver for.) Check out the graves, which give you some names of the laborers unlucky enough to finish their days in the Wrangells. If you're continuing on the trail past the cemetery and going all the way to Kennicott, stay to the left. Be alert for bears and bikers, and please respect private property and residences along the way.

Getting There

Latitude: 61.48154836
Longitude: -142.8860593
Driving Directions