Built in the mid 1960s by homesteader and artist Thor Brandt Erichsen, this quaint cabin was renovated by the National Park Service in 2000. Erichsen spent two seasons building the cabin with trees from the surrounding area and supplies purchased with money from regular stints at the Anchorage Daily News. He and his wife Nancy had staked a 160-acre parcel, but were not awarded homestead status because they didn’t live there year-round. “Because they were concerned about spending the winter in Nabesna with two small children being so far from medical care, they did not stay the winter,” recounts son Scott. “Unfortunately, because of this they did not qualify for a homestead.” The family later tried to get rights to the land as a trade and manufacturing site. Building a remote hunting lodge was part of this plan. Erichsen called the main cabin Viking Lodge in honor of his Scandinavian heritage, and friends helped build three other outbuildings nearby. Even so, the family was unsuccessful in getting long-term rights to the property.

Today, Viking Lodge sleeps up to six. There are two bunks, but plenty of floor space in the loft. Just a 10-minute walk from the main road, it’s very accessible and easy to pack in supplies, although the trail to the lodge can get pretty muddy after spring rains. Park across from the Rock Lake Turnout at Mile 22.5. The trail to the lodge is at Mile 21.8. Reservations are required through the National Park Service website or at (907) 822-7253. Viking Lodge is particularly popular during hunting season beginning in August, so do check ahead.


The cabin has 2 plywood bunks, a small kitchen table and chairs, a barrel wood stove, and a large loft area.




Wrangell Mountains


Viking lodge is located about 1/4 mile north of the Nabesna Road. The trailhead and parking area is located at approximately mile 22.5 at the Rock Lake Turnout


Hike, snowmachine


Mixed spruce forest

Special Features

Hike, Snowmachine

Managing Agency

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve

What To Bring

Headnets are strongly encouraged during June, July, and August. You are responsible for providing your own supplies, such as: food, cooking stove and cooking utensils, water, and bedding, maps, compass, matches, and warm clothing.





More Info

This cabin must be reserved year round by calling 907-822-7253.

Clean the cabin and take all food with you upon departure. Burying garbage is prohibited.

USGS Topo Map

Nabesna (C- 5)

Getting There

Latitude: 62.572473
Longitude: -143.470459
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Viking Lodge Cabin