Upper One

A last stop for roughnecks and fishermen heading to the extreme edges of Alaska, this classic, aviation-themed bar serves stiff drinks and filling meals. Pizza, wings, burgers—it's a good send-off for many of the clientele. For travelers, it's a good place to grab a bite and a drink and to get regaled with stories of life on the frontier's edges--many folks here are heading to the oil fields of the North Slope. There's a nice bar, with good view, and tables as well. The menu is good pub food. No seafood here though, if you're looking for that last fresh salmon dinner, check out Humpy's Alehouse or Norton Sound Seafood House.


Prescreening, across from door 6.

Getting There

Ted Stevens Anch. Int'l Airport
Anchorage, AK 99502
Driving Directions