Tundra Critters

New to the airport in 2011, this three-in-one shop is the perfect place to grab a special gift before leaving Alaska or supplies when you first arrive. Because the shop includes three very different areas, you’ll find something for everyone: affordable souvenir knickknacks and toys, unique Alaska-made jewelry, and durable clothing. And if you’re on your way to a hunting or outdoors trip, Outdoor Advantage is stocked with high-performance gear, from base layers to outer shells and binoculars. There’s nowhere else in the airport that carries such a variety of goods.

With its floor-to-ceiling display of hundreds of plush, stuffed animals—moose, bears, and other Alaskan animals—you can’t miss the store. This is your final chance for that Alaskan keychain or shot glass, the T-shirt or sweatshirt, the magnet or totem pole. And all of this Alaska gear is well-organized, so it’s an easy and enjoyable place to shop.

If you’re not looking for souvenirs, check out the handmade, unique Alaskan art. The buyer is an artist who picked out usable art and fashion from her favorite local artists. There are brightly colored lithographic prints of Alaskan animals, pottery, plates, jewelry, handmade dog collars, even bright-pink tool belts! Everything is handmade in Alaska.

Hunters, fishermen, and adventurers will find plenty of options, too. There’s lots of technologically superior clothing—layering systems designed for Alaska’s tough conditions. You’ll find base layers; fleece coats; and waterproof, windproof, breathable shells in well-known brands like Condor Outdoor Gear and 5.11Tactical. There are also packs, morale patches, binoculars, night-vision goggles, ballistic eye protection, and exclusive T-shirts.

In other words, this is the perfect place to get that final piece of outfitting for your trip, or step next door for the final gift before heading home.

Getting There

Ted Stevens Anch. Int'l Airport
Anchorage, AK 99502
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