Trail to Kennicott Glacier & Beyond



Getting out to the Kennicott Glacier is the first challenge. You need to hike onto the Root Glacier, cross over the monster rock moraine to your left, cross another tongue of ice on the Root Glacier, then cross yet another monster rock moraine between the Root and the Kennicott glaciers. It's tricky terrain and not to be taken lightly. When facing down the second moraine, you'll want to hit the low point that's close to where the black mud ends. (This won't make sense until you're out there.) For finding your way back, do your best to find a marker in the moraine once you've crossed. If successful, you're now on the "Kennicott Highway" and can travel with relative ease several miles up the Kennicott Glacier. This is more reasonably part of a multi-day trip, but can be done on a long day hike. Guides are available for full-day glacier hikes.

Getting There

Latitude: 61.50574738
Longitude: -142.9367638
Driving Directions