Trail to Heitman Lake



Drive past Salonie Creek and contiue up a hill until you se a gravel parking lot on the right just after milepost 14. This is the trailhead. Cross a little swamp and pick up the trail through the dense alders and high vegetation. Follow the trail that winds upward through tall grass crossing some wet places. After about 1.5 miles, you come to the lake, which is a beautiful place for a picnic or swim on a sunny day. To continue, follow the ridge on the right through lovely subalpine meadows and tundra to Heitman Peak, a little rock outcropping. The truly ambitious hiker can continue along the broad ridge to Raymond Peak and Heitman Mountain for a tiring ten-mile roundtrip mountian hike. Keep an eye out for upland birds, bear, deer, and goats.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.698105
Longitude: -152.508284
Driving Directions