The Bluff Trail

Ready for a challenge? Though technically not part of the single track complex, this long trail in Kincaid Park snakes along the edge of the bluff, and is best ridden only by advanced bikers. The views are stunning at points, but with tall grass, logs, and roots crowding the trail it’s best to keep your eyes on the business at hand. Take care not to slide off the edge on a few sandy sections where more than one experienced biker has slipped a tire and ended up in a face plant with their bikes riding them.

The trail rides best from south to north—be especially cautious on the steep, sandy descent at the northern end that quickly drops down to Anchorage’s best beach. From here you can cut through an alder-laden trail back to the Coastal Trail, then climb back to the Kincaid Chalet and hook into Mighty Bike.

Getting There

Latitude: 61.153307
Longitude: -150.070346
Driving Directions