Teller and Grantley Harbor

At Teller the road returns to sea-level where the environment is dominated by marine waters. Lowland meadows flank the coastline and a sand spit arcs away from the landmass in relatively shallow waters. Marine mammals, seabirds, and other new species are common sightings, allowing travelers to expand the list of wildlife found along 72 miles of mainland tundra. Look for spotted seals on calm days, their heads popping up inquisitively at the tip of the spit. Pelagic cormorant, pigeon guillemot, horned puffin, common eider, and black scoters are seen here. Some years, white wagtails nest in the local cemetery. Ask locally for directions and permission to view them.

Getting There

Latitude: 65.273089
Longitude: -166.228671
Driving Directions