Tastee Freez

In an Anchorage neighborhood between the airport and Kincaid Park, Tastee Freez is a place travelers used to find only if they got lost. Those lucky folks got to visit an Anchorage institution that’s been open since 1958. Today, you don’t have to get lost to find some of the city’s best soft-serve ice cream and affordable fast food. Of course, Anchorage families know all about Tastee Freez, and on hot summer days, you’ll spot them lined up for a cool treat.

They come for the soft-serve ice cream in three flavors, as well as a sugar-free, fat-free frozen yogurt. Local teenage staffers have perfected the dipped cone, and they whip up one of the best banana splits in town. They also serve 16-, 22-, and 32-ounce shakes and malts, made with real fruit (not syrup) and Carnation malt.

This dedication to quality is found on the food menu as well—it’s large, affordable, and tasty. And it’s why Tastee Freez is popular for family meals, birthday parties, and grab-and-go picnic meals. The bacon cheeseburger, made with fresh ground beef, is their biggest hit. But don’t overlook the delicious foot-long chili dog or the fries, which are cooked in trans-fat free canola oil. No question, this is a high-quality burger shack.

Tastee Freez is popular with locals not only because of the good food, but because of the restaurant’s commitment to the community. Owner Rich Owens has received the Lifetime Service Award from the Alaska National Guard for his dedication to troops, their families, and the community. The restaurant is involved in food drives, adopt-a-park programs, and the Ice Cream Support Squadron (a fundraising ice-cream social program).

So stop by for a meal, an ice-cream treat, or directions. They’ll get you squared away, and you might even leave with a hoodie or T-shirt from the famed Tastee Freez.