Swede Mountain Trail MP 19.5

MILE 19.5—Swede Mountain Trail and tundra  (:20)

Located at mile 19.5 of the Denali Highway—just shy of the Tangle Lakes area—this foot trail can be strenuous. After a wet initial quarter-mile, the short steep route climbs 1,500 feet over a mile or so up the mountain to the south, delivering stunning views of the Tangle Lakes, Amphitheater Mts., and Alaska Range. No vehicles on this trail!

If you don’t want tackle such an arduous climb, simply go out a few hundred yards into brush as tall as a human’s head. Listen as the wind rustles in the tundra. See the land as a caribou would.

Getting There

Latitude: 63.049576
Longitude: -145.971518
Driving Directions