Swede Lake Trail MP 16


10 miles



Gravel roads lead south to a parking area with a multi-use trail that meanders about 10 miles toward the northern end of Swede Lake and then continues on to the Middle Fork Gulkana Branch Trail and another half mile to Alphabet Hills Trail. It can be a wet trail, so rubber boots are recommended following rainy weather.

Another trail, the Dickey Lake Trail, can be accessed via the Swede Lake Trail. It parallels the Middle Fork of Gulkana River and can also be very wet. Rubber boots are recommended.


Both Big Swede and Little Swede Lakes offer good opportunities for fishing. Lake Trout are found in Little Swede. Lake trout, grayling, burbot, and whitefish are found in Big Swede.

Getting There

Latitude: 63.0404
Longitude: -145.8679
Driving Directions