Susitna Dog Sled Adventures

Find out what this iconic Alaskan sport is all about when you meet the dogs and learn about racing them with Susitna Dog Sled Adventures out of Talkeetna.

Ride the trails in Talkeetna with chances of viewing Mt. Denali

Ride the trails in Talkeetna with chances of viewing Mt. Denali

Come in winter and you can also hop on a sled to really feel what dog mushing is like!

Visit the Dogs Year Round

In summer, you’ll meet the dogs and spend time with them—you can even go for a walk with them to gain more insights into their lives and personalities. In winter, you’ll not only meet the dogs but also ride on the back of a sled for a truly authentic experience, which you can do during the day or at night. You’ll learn about the tradition and sport of dogsledding, meet some fantastic dogs and explore the wilderness with them.

Overseeing the operation are Rohn and Alyssa Buser. Rohn is the son of Martin Buser, who has won the Iditarod 4 times and has the record for the most Iditarods (39 times), so Rohn literally grew up riding sleds!

The Tours


Kennel Tour

Snuggle up with the retired sled dogs at Susitna Dog Sled Adventures

Snuggle up with the retired sled dogs at Susitna Dog Sled Adventures

This is an hour-long meet-and-greet of the racing engines of dog racing: the dogs! Hang out in the yard with the dogs as they run around, then learn all about the sleds and gear. You’ll watch the work that goes into harnessing a dog and hear about what it’s like to be a musher.

Kennel Tour and Dog Walk

Go trail walking with these amazing dogs on this gorgeous property that stretches across 40 acres. With the dogs running around and exploring the landscape, you’ll walk about ½ mile, then drop by the kennels to see what life is like for them.


Classic Dog Sled Tour

Start this 2-hour tour by getting geared up for the cold weather. You’ll then head into the dog yard and play with the dogs while the staff harnesses up the team. After a little instruction, you’ll take off for about an hour on a 6.5-mile trail, with a stop halfway to take photos of Mt. Denali if it’s visible. You’ll take turns driving the sled (with an experienced musher on hand!). Then return back for some cocoa and cuddling with retired sled dogs.

Night Dog Sled Tour

This tour follows the same itinerary as the daytime tour, but you’ll do it under a sky full of stars led by a team of dog with lit up harnesses.

Getting There

17930 Montana Creek Rd.
Talkeetna, AK 99676
Driving Directions

Prices & Dates

Season Year Round
Duration 1-2 hrs
Rates Winter Classic Dog Sled Tour // $195 adult, $165 Child | 2 hrs
Night Dog Sled Tour // $235 adult, $215 Child | 2 hrs
Summer Kennel Tour // $60 adult, $45 Child | 1 hr
Summer Kennel Tour & Dog Walk // $85 adult, $70 Child | 1.5 hrs

Susitna Dog Sled Adventures