Stony Hill Overlook- Look for Wolves & Migrating Birds (Mile 61.95)

This is the most photographed view of Denali (Mt. McKinley) from the road. You’re up high, at the edge of a mountain pass, and there’s alpine tundra all around, with the road snaking towards the mountain in the foreground. And this is the first spot where you can see the whole mountain from base to summit. On clear days, Tundra Wilderness Tours will extend their trip several miles just to reach this spot.

Stony Hill is also a great place to see the nearby Toklat Wolf Pack. In the fall, listen for the sounds of the migrating Sandhill Cranes, which fly high over the mountains on their way south.

Getting There

Mile 61.95 Denali Park Rd
Denali Park, AK

Mile 61.95 Denali Park Rd

Driving Directions