St. Augustine's Kayak & Tours

St. Augustine's Kayak and Tours base their guided sea-kayaking trips in the protected waters of Peterson Bay, just 15 minutes from Homer by water taxi. Well-versed in paddling instruction and natural history, these guides love what they do and live the adventures that they run. The area itself offers diverse kayaking for both beginners and experienced paddlers, from open water to narrow channels, from quiet bays to a wild seabird rookery.

Scott Burbank and Susan Armanditch, who run St. Augustine’s, have been involved in eco-tourism since 1983. They travel widely during the off-season, continuing their passion for sea kayaking all around the Americas. Their tours are organized to take best advantage of fair tidal currents and the protected waters of small inner bays. Watch for the harbor seals that make their home in Peterson Bay. Paddle past coastal homesteads and through oyster farms—a chance to take a closer look at mariculture.

There is no substitute for the full-day paddle to absorb the atmosphere of this amazing place. Take in both Peterson and China Poot Bays, paddling in narrow tidal channels, beside bold sea cliffs, and emerging into more open water. You’ll find archways to navigate and beaches to rest on, as well as short stretch hikes to scenic vistas. Weather permitting, you’ll make a visit to Gull Island, where paddlers get up-close views of thousands of seabirds.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.577069
Longitude: -151.288776
Driving Directions