South Tongass Waterfall

A 100-foot-plus waterfall pours down a ravine below Twin Peaks right beside Tongass Highway south of Ketchikan. The amount of water can vary from a thunderous gush from spring snowmelt to soothing splashes in the summer, when the volume of water and sound can fluctuate depending on recent rainfall. This waterfall is tucked away into the shade most of the time, and sometimes you can feel the icy coolness rippling off the water as it generates its own breeze.

Best Viewing Spot

10 Miles out of Town on the South Tongass Highway

The waterfall empties into a pool about 30 feet below the road shoulder. You will need to step up on some boulders to gain a full view of the cascade. For those who are more adventurous, scramble to the right up a small rock cliff to access a primitive trail alongside the falls and leads to the upper tiers of a waterfall system that cascades down the mountainside for hundreds of feet. But the final drop by the road is the most photogenic and easiest to access.

Getting There

Latitude: 55.3478574
Longitude: -131.4956857

Ketchikan the major community at the southern end of Alaska’s southeast panhandle, located on Revillagigedo Island, about 775 miles southeast of Anchorage and 235 miles southeast of Juneau. From downtown Ketchikan, head south 7 miles on Tongass Hwy to Herring Bay, and continue driving 3 more miles. Keep an eye out on the left for a recessed waterfall just past the 10-mile marker. Pull off onto the shoulder here on the left and park.

Driving Directions