Seldovia Small Boat Harbor

The Seldovia small boat harbor is the hub of our community. For many a man and woman of past generations it was the gateway into their future. The early settlers had no choice but to come by boat, and they did so, and in the years and decades to come they lived and worked out of the harbor.

Today’s visitors that arrive by boat can still see the beauty and sense the excitement those old-timers must have felt as they turned in to Seldovia Bay, saw the Russian church standing on the tall bedrock above the shoreline and then tied their lines for the first time in the protected harbor or to the deep water dock.

The harbor’s break-water and jetty provide safe moorage for our modest commercial fishing fleet. Family owned boats like the Independence, Joanne Marie and Laura S. still hail from Seldovia and fish for halibut, gray cod, black cod, rock fish and salmon. For many the harbor is “the office”, the workplace, and its vessels are the mainstay of our economy. Sail boats, pleasure craft and sport fishing boats moor here as well, and in the summer months the harbor is the busiest place in Seldovia.

Due to the extreme tidal variations here, our harbor walkways are floating, and thus called floats. Walking the floats at any time of the day during a busy summer will afford a real glimpse into the inner workings of our community. There is much to be learned just by walking the floats. Visit the harbor master’s office to find out more and perhaps to run in to one of those old-timers.

Getting There

Latitude: 59.437111
Longitude: -151.713275
Driving Directions