Sinuk River Bridge

The Sinuk River is the largest river crossing on the Teller Road, and the magnitude of the valley, river channels, craggy mountains, and rolling tundra—all in one panoramic vista—is an impressive sight. Meanwhile, the river channels shifting from year to year make this place a window on the ever-changing aspects of river systems.

The bridge is a reliable spot to see salmon on their return upriver. Sockeye salmon travel 16 miles upriver to spawn in Glacial Lake in the heart of the Kigluaik Mountains. Chum, pink, and coho salmon reach their upper spawning limit about two miles above the bridge. Chinook salmon rarely travel as far as the bridge.

Birdlife tends to be those species attracted to flowing water and gravel bars, islands, and thick vegetation clustered in some sections of the river. Boating is possible in the early season when water levels are high but becomes questionable as summer progresses.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.718373
Longitude: -165.921741
Driving Directions