Side Road to Woolley Lagoon

This 100-foot-wide road is a public right-of- way that traverses lands privately owned by the King Island Native Corporation. It runs eight miles to traditional summer fishing camps at Woolley Lagoon. Please stay within 50 feet of either side of the road, and do not travel close to the lagoon or summer camps. The King Islanders value their privacy and request that you do not photograph their campsites.

As you turn onto Woolley Lagoon Road, a small pull-off immediately to your right is where King Islanders and many others driving the Teller Road collect drinking water. Some believe this very clear stream holds healing powers. A unique limestone outcrop, called Moon Mountains, is visible down the coast from Cape Woolley and is a wintering spot for muskox. Several rare plants have been identified in its unique micro-habitat.

Red fox feed on ground-nesting birds and abundant small rodents. Black-bellied plover nest near the end of the road. Semipalmated plover, Pacific golden-plover, semipalmated sandpiper, and western sand- piper are often seen on river gravel bars. Pomarine, parasitic, and long-tailed jaeger are also found here.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.8801
Longitude: -166.15123
Driving Directions