Ship Creek Trail (Alpenglow)


8 miles



Take the trail on the right hand side of the road a mile or two before Alpenglow Ski resort. The area is forested and heads downward two miles prior to reaching Ship Creek. There is a branch that goes straight and follows the road that many kids use for sledding in the winter, and it will take you to the Arctic Valley road in a couple of miles where parents await to pick them up. However, hikers take a left after a mile and this trail continues for a long way until you reach the beautiful headwaters of Ship Creek. Here you will be in the meadows again, with great blueberries in the fall. The climb is easy, and great to ski in the winter. Often people will exit at Glen Alps or Indian, or Bird Creek, for variation.

Getting There

Latitude: 61.245965
Longitude: -149.535054
Driving Directions