Sharatin Cirque & Mountain



Drive over Anton Larsen Pass and down the other side until you come to the Red Cloud River Bridge. Park in the turnout to the right just beyond the bridge. Cross the road and walk past the cottonwood trees where you'll find a faint trail leading through tall grass toward the mountains. This trail can be hard to follow as it meanders through wet areas, thick vegetaion and up salmonberry slopes before it reaches the rich subalpine meadows and eventually leads into a bowl-shaped glacial cirque at the base of the mountain. This is a magical place with a shallow pond that you can wade in on warm, sunny days.

The cirque is surrounded by lush flowery slopes and is a fine destination unto itself, but if your ambitiouns are running wild, scramble up the grassy slope at the head of the cirque to reach the ridge, which leads through alpine tundra to the top of the mountain. This is prime mountain goat territory and you will find their sign and wool everywhere. The views you will encounter at the top are expansive and breathtaking. Look off to the north where you can see Afognak Island and some distant, snowy peaks on the mainland.

There is plenty of great bird habitat along the trail so watch for pipits and ptarmigan up high and songbird and snipe in the lower elevations.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.817033
Longitude: -152.626561
Driving Directions