It's more than just a ride when you travel with Seward Bus Lines. Their trips to Seward and Whittier offer convenient connections for cruise ship passengers-saving them about 50% of what transit would cost through cruiselines. They have 14-passenger vans and larger, 22-passenger buses, with room for two pieces of checked baggage and one carryon. Extra luggage is $5 a piece. Seward Bus Lines has daily departures to Seward in the summer and run Mon-Sat in the winter. Whittier trips coincide with cruise-day departures, and only run during the summer. Pick up and drop off anywhere en route with a reservation. Cheaper transit to Seward and Whittier for cruises.

Getting There

Anchorage Depot
3333 Fairbanks St
Anchorage, AK 99503
Seward Depot
539 3rd Ave
Seward, AK
Whittier Depot
Ferry Terminal

Driving Directions

Seward Bus Lines