The Salvage Trail is an out-and-back trail that rolls up and down through the woods, paralleling Revilla Road. The trail is a wide gravel path where two-to-three people can walk beside each other. Just beyond the trailhead, the path forks. The right fork is a quarter-mile trail that connects to the Ward Creek Trail. To stay on the Salvage Trail, take the left fork up the hill. This first part begins to climb about a quarter-of-a-mile to where a powerline clear-cuts through the forest and the hillside slopes down to your right. Here, beyond the powerline, is the best view to be found on this trail—a panoramic view of Brown Mountain, Diane Mountain, and Ward Mountain and the forested valley below. Continuing on, the trail drops back into the woods, crosses a couple of bridges over small creeks as the path ascends and descends. You can find a few Forest-Service interpretive signs along the way that inform about the past forest harvestings here. The trail ends at an automobile gate on the side of Revilla Road, another place to access this trail. If you would like to make a loop of your hike, you could walk down the road to the right until you get to Last Chance Campground on the left side of the road, just past the turn off to Connell Lake, and walk the campground road along the river to the back where you can pick up the Ward Creek Trail. In total, if you take the loop back to the Salvage Trail parking lot instead of going back the way you came, the total mileage is 3.4 miles. The Salvage Trail is a wonderful trail to walk and converse with a friend or two and a great one to walk your dog.

Getting There

Latitude: 55.422542
Longitude: -131.697892

From downtown Ketchikan, 6 miles north on Tongass Hwy to Ward Cove. Right on Revilla Rd. for just over 1 mile. When you come to an intersection, turn left (Ward Lake is to the right) and soon on the left there will be a dirt parking space. The trail-head is on the right.

Driving Directions