Saltery Cove Road



This is a well-used and busy ATV road that leads up the American River and over a pass to Saltery Cover. It is only open to trail bikes, ATVs and hikers. While it is possible to hike the road, be aware that you will need to ford some streams. At the pass 8 miles in, you can easily scramble up treeless slopes to reach good ridges for walking and access to Center Mountain. This is an interesting area to explore for the day or you can backpack over to Saltery Cove and camp. This trail is dominated by ATV users so if you prefer quiet hikes and less traveled trails, there are numerous better options. However, if you do decide to hike the road is much quieter when the fishing and hunting seasons aren't open.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.639705
Longitude: -152.51265
Driving Directions