A cozy 14 x 12 log cabin inside a 61-acre park with a boat launch site on the Salcha River, near Salcha, about 40 miles southeast of Fairbanks in the Tanana River Valley. A popular river boating destination for Fairbanks residents, the site is known for its grayling fishery, with a July salmon run. (Expect it to be busy on a summer weekend.) With skiing and snowmachining in winter. The cabin may be unavailable for public reservations mid-May through mid-September.


Plywood sleeping platforms, table and benches, wood stove, fire extinguisher, and an outdoor latrine. Fire ring and picnic table in park-like setting. A boat-launching ramp is nearby.


3 people (pets welcome)




Salcha River State Recreation Site, in the dispersed rural community of Salcha.


Riverside cabin on the Salcha, in the Tanana River Valley.

Season of Use


Managing Agency

Alaska State Parks

What to Bring

Guests should bring water or be prepared to melt snow or purify river water. Also bring firewood because the adjacent woods will be picked over. Items such as a cook stove, cooking gear, flashlights or lanterns, bedding, sleeping pads and trash bags are not provided. Guests are expected to pack out trash and clean the cabin before leaving. Don’t assume there will be sufficient toilet paper or working batteries in the smoke detector.





Getting There

Salcha River State Recreation Site
Mile 323.3 Richardson Highway
Salcha, AK 99714

From Fairbanks, drive southeast to Mile 323.3 of the Richardson Highway to Salcha Way and park just off the Richardson Highway if the road hasn’t been plowed. After heavy snowfalls it may take a week before the site is plowed. The cabin is located next to the boat launch at the end of the access "exit" road.

Driving Directions


Salcha River Cabin