Rules at the Center

Now it’s time to go over some basics. Fortunately, we do have rules to abide by.. but hear me out!

DO NOT TOUCH OR FEED THE ANIMALS! I know it can be hard! But unless you’re working here, please do not attempt to cross barriers and come into contact with the wildlife.

Make sure all children are kept away from fences. They’re snack size and we want them to remain whole.

Never attempt to pet or hand-feed any animals. We want you walking out of here with all your fingers and toes.

Leave all plants and flowers for the enjoyment of others. Help keep the grounds beautiful!
If you take away our pretty flowers then all that’s left is dirt roads. beautiful, right?

Litter is a deadly hazard to animals. Put garbage in its proper place. This is no joke, even the ravens will rat you out if you do not dispose of items properly.

Keep pets in your vehicle at all times. The only exceptions are legally trained service animals but be aware any domestic animals are not normal for our wildlife residents so please be courteous of the stress they may cause when too close to certain animals.

Respect the animals. Do not taunt or harass them. (In the wintertime this also means no snowballs!) Kids running up and down the fence lines may seem harmless, but it is in fact taunting and causes stress to our wildlife.

AWCC is a NON-Smoking and NON-Vaping facility. This helps all guests enjoy their visit, and also helps keep garbage to a minimum so our animals don’t pick up what ravens drop off in their habitats.

Now that we’ve made it to the end of the rule banter, please be aware that if a staff member hears of any rule breakers, a discussion will likely occur when really, we just want everyone to have fun and enjoy their day! Also, be an advocate for our wildlife and if you see something, SAY something!

Getting There

Latitude: 60.821903
Longitude: -148.977726
Driving Directions