Red Shirt Cabin 4 feels like an outpost. Situated by itself on the undeveloped and densely forested northeastern shore of a vast lake. Cabin 4 is like a rustic hermitage, far from other traffic and close to the deep woods. Ideal for those paddling, boating, fishing, hiking or pursuing snow sports in the lake’s secluded quarter.

A Rustic Hermitage

It faces the sunset and may be the perfect locale to string a hammock for long summer afternoons listening to forest birds, capped by a dip in Red Shirt’s brisk, clear waters. Though mosquitoes can be fierce, those equipped with a headnet and bug dope can take a meditative stroll through the woods behind the cabin — beachhead to thousands of acres of Susitna Valley birch-spruce woods, chaotic with deadfalls and jungled by brush.

Once shrouded in winter snow, the setting offers muffled seclusion away from the lake’s more popular routes for skiers and snowmobilers. Inside the cabin feels cozy despite its 28-foot length. It’s a place to tend the wood stove and sit beneath the lantern for a game while the northern lights play across the black sky.

Seclusion away from the lake’s more popular routes for skiers and snowmobilers


A well-used 12-by-28 cabin with sleeping space for eight on wooden bunks and benches. With wood stove, cooking space and table. Fire ring, picnic table and outhouse are outside.

Owing to its narrow dimension, this place feels smaller than it is and can be somewhat difficult to heat evenly during winter. Though it sleeps eight, this number might seem crowded in winter: we recommend four to six tops.

Still, it backs up to mainland wilderness with great access to firewood gathering and exploration. A camp saw will be necessary in winter.

Excellent pike fishing can be found nearby in the weed beds along the shore: floating lures or mouse flies are particularly effective to avoid snagging. Ice fishing may be productive too. Common wildlife include beavers, moose and black bears.

Red Lake Cabin #4 is a well-used 12-by-28 space with sleeping for 8

What Can You Do At Red Shirt Lake Cabin 4?

  • Paddle for miles on Red Shirt Lake, especially along the lake’s least visited northeastern shore.
  • Fish for Northern pike as long as your arm. (Landing nets recommended!) Check out a mile of weedy, pike-infested shallows extending north and south of the cabin.
  • Ski, snow-shoe or snowmobile on an extensive winter trail system.
  • Land at East Red Shirt Lake Trailhead down the coast or paddle into the mouth of Lynx Creek, once a site where Dena’ina Natives staged summer fish camps.
  • Explore game trails behind the cabin. For the bushwhackers with good route finding skills, some small lakes are hidden in the dense forest to the east, and the East Red Shirt Lake Trail with connections to Nancy Lake Parkway and the park interior is on the high ground beyond that.
  • Swim! The boat landing offers a rare sandy bottom with the possibility of afternoon sunshine.

Travel to Red Shirt Lake Cabin by snow vehicle, skis, snowshoe, snow bike or foot

Getting There

Latitude: 61.641314
Longitude: -150.16139


If by foot, first drive 6.5 miles to the parking lot at the end of Nancy Lake Parkway, just outside the entrance to South Rolly Lake Campground. Then hike three miles through rolling moraine country on the Red Shirt Lake Trail. Canoes stored at the shore can be rented from Tippecanoe Rentals in Willow at 907-355-6687. Cabin 4 is nine-tenths of a mile further: first paddle south out of the cove and then go east to the opposite shore. Floatplanes may be used.

Here is a PDF map for summer.


Depending upon snow conditions and ice cover, you can travel to Red Shirt Lake by snow vehicle, skis, snowshoe, snow bike or foot. Check the park conditions report first. Beginning at the winter trailhead at Mile 2.2 of the Nancy Lake Parkway, it is about 7 miles to Red Shirt Lake over the winter trail and less than a mile south to the cabin. Hug the eastern shore and you will spy it just inside the woods. Ski-equipped planes may also be used.

Here is a PDF map for winter.

Break up / Freeze up:

None of the cabins on Red Shirt Lake can be reached when ice is too thin

Driving Directions

Red Shirt Lake Cabin #4