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15ft x 17ft 2-story Pan-Abode log cabin.


1 single plywood bunk, 1 double plywood bunk, Sleeping loft, Table and benches, Wood stove, Cooking counter, shelves, cupboard space, Broom, Outhouse toilet, Maul, axe, splitting wedge, 14ft aluminum skiff with oars (flotation devices not provided), Fire extinguisher provided. Water available from lake. Treat all water before using.




North Prince of Wales Island


Red Bay Lake, 40 air miles (64 km) from Wrangell, 55 miles (61 km) from Craig, 84 miles (113 km) from Ketchikan.


Float plane; 3.5 hour drive from Hollis or 2 hours from Thorne Bay on Road #20 with difficult .8-mile (1.3 km) hike (includes fording a stream) to boat at trailhead on lake, then 1.5 mile (2.4 km) row to cabin. Occasionally poor weather can result in extended stays, and cabin users should be prepared for this. In fall, winter, early spring, cabin may be inaccessible due to frozen lake surface (float planes cannot land).


Cabin is at 50 feet (15 m) elevation on flat ground. Surrounding terrain gently rolling to very steep.

Special Features

Sport fishing in Red Bay Creek drainage. Cabin gets full sun. Limestone caves in vicinity of Red Bay. Loons common.

Season Of Use

May through November

Managing Agency

Tongass National Forest

What To Bring

Bring your own personal flotation devices, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cooking stove, lantern, pots, pans, plates, utensils, food, toilet paper, garbage bags, fire starter. It's a good idea to bring your own water.





More Info

Lake is lined with old growth spruce, hemlock and cedar trees with dense understory of brush. Vertical wall of Red Bay Mountain (3,042 feet), surrounding limestone peaks visible from cabin.

USGS Topo Map

Petersburg A-4, B-4

Rental Fee

$35/night May-Sept; $25/night Oct-Apr

Getting There

Latitude: 56.24111111
Longitude: -133.32
Driving Directions


Red Bay Lake Cabin