Rainbow Ridge Scenic View & Dall Sheep Viewing (mi 209.1)

Dall sheep are easy to see on this very striking, postcard-worthy ridge that parallels the Richardson Highway for a few miles in the Alaska Range about 150 miles south of Fairbanks. With bands of rust-colored rock alternating with talus fingers and tundra, the terrain is almost perfect for showing off the white dots of grazing sheep. Winter winds also tend to clear the slopes, making the animals visible all year round, especially on the mid-level slopes above the brush zone. The ridge—including the 6,550-foot Rainbow Mountain—is also known for fossils and two rock glaciers slowly creeping downslope toward the highway.

Getting There

Latitude: 63.27
Longitude: -145.68

Rainbow Ridge rises from the east side of Richardson Highway just north of Isabel Pass and Fielding Lake State Recreation Area, about 210 miles north of Valdez and 150 miles south of Fairbanks. There are several pullouts. The Delta River parallels the highway to the west.

Driving Directions