Rain Country Nutrition

Even in Ketchikan we can’t serve salmon for every meal, so we have our own progressive health food store, where you can find grass-fed milk, locally-grown organic produce and whatever supplements you might need.

Marge McCamy, who runs Rain Country Nutrition, has strong roots in Ketchikan’s retail industry. Back in the 60s, her parents ran the Mom and Pop “Toot and Tell,” an American Graffiti style burger joint that was a popular teen hangout. In the 70s the same family ran the “Right On” clothing store, outfitting Ketchikan’s finest with the latest in bell bottoms and glittery disco styles. Fast-forward to the 90s, when Marge opened Rain Country Nutrition to supply locals with the health-food offerings they couldn’t get elsewhere.

The store includes all the typical shelf-stable health-food offerings, plus a small refrigerated section, natural beauty products, art kits for kids – even calming music for your pet!

Stop by and visit Marge at Rain Country on Mission Street right next to Ketchicandies. Get the latest scoop on health trends and diets, or ask about her family’s long history supplying Ketchikan-ites with everything from super foods to fashion and furniture.

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319 Mission St.
Ketchikan, AK 99901
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Rain Country Nutrition

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