Purchasing & Receiving Seafood

General guidelines for purchasing seafood

  • The flesh of high quality fresh seafood is firm and resilient.
  • The skin is shiny.
  • The gills of most finfish should be blood red.
  • High quality fish have bright and clear eyes.
  • The scales should adhere closely to the skin and be largely intact.
  • Odors should be pleasant and minimal.


  • Inspect your order of Alaska Seafood immediately upon delivery.
  • Boxes with watermarks may indicate that the product has been allowed to partially thaw during transit.
  • Open at least one carton per shipment and check the core product temperature with an instant-read thermometer.
  • Fresh fish should be delivered at 30-38° F and frozen fish at 0-10° F.
  • If the temperature does not meet shipping specifications, notify both the carrier and supplier immediately.
  • Next, check the net weights of the glazed product. If you are not sure how to do this, please call or write our Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute quality assurance program.
  • Check the quality again after proper thawing. The only thing you should smell is the sea.

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