Power Plant

Along with some other buildings, the National Park Service has finished renovating the Power Plant, and has opened it up for public viewing. It makes for an interesting tour. It was built in 1924 after a fire destroyed the original power house. The plant once produced enough steam-generated electricity to run the mines up in the mountains as well as the entire town, including heating the buildings and even melting snow off the sidewalks. Catching a glimpse into this building often sparks questions like, "How did they ever get this running in 1911?" If you look up into the hillside above you'll be able to spot the oil tank that fueled the giant furnaces. A local legend has it that a murder victim was disposed of in those furnaces, and her spirit is said to still live here.

Source: McCarthy Kennicott Historical Museum

Getting There

Latitude: 61.485864
Longitude: -142.88968