Pipe Art: Interior Alaskan Images

Description/Design Statement: Dan’s pipe depicts an Alaskan landscape with recognizable flora and fauna, and the northern lights dancing overhead. He incorporates birds that are common to the Interior, including kingfishers, eagles, robins, and a gray dipper perched on a rock. Dippers are exclusive to fast-moving streams and walk underwater. Dan likes that his pipe design appears abstract from far away, but becomes realistic upon approach. He took tips from pedestrians while painting, and one product of this input was a small orange man in the middle of the river who appears in distress and awaits rescue.

Sponsored By: Madden Real Estate

Reach the next pipe by walking one block south on Lacey Street to the other side of the parking lot of Mt. McKinley Bank, at the intersection of Lacey Street and 4th Avenue.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.843001
Longitude: -147.717576