Pipe Art: Fireweed

Description/Design Statement: “Fireweed says ‘Alaska’ more than any other symbol. If it were up to me, I would make the fireweed the state flower. The shapes it takes through the seasons are as drastic as the weather. But, each shape and phase has a beauty all of its own.

If I were to repaint the pipe, I would express fireweed in at least 3 seasons. Knowing I needed to keep my design simple, I chose summer. Seeing images of fireweed in full bloom reminds me of glorious seasons past, and promises that the dark and cold will pass. Also, the winter landscape has a limited pallet of colors, and I think a splash of brightness is a blessing.

My pipe is crowded, with a building butting right next to it and other utility type structures surrounding it. The fireweed pipe seems to grow out of the hodgepodge of its surroundings, just like real fireweed.

Public art is a collaborative activity, involving the location, the assignment, the artist, the sponsor and the viewing public.”

Sponsored By: Gallery 49

Find the next pipe by walking through the Co-Op Plaza (entrance to your right) and exit on 3rd Avenue. Turn left and walk half a block to the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Lacey Street.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.843371
Longitude: -147.719687