Pioneer Hall

Pioneer Hall was designed to represent a fine 1900’s era building. It houses two historical attractions:

  • The Pioneer Museum which is filled with fascinating artifacts of early Fairbanks. The settlers of Fairbanks probably would have been surprised if they had known their everyday utensils would one day be on display in a museum. Few of the museum’s pieces are a hundred years old. Not very old by most museum standards, but their value is enormous considering the distance they traveled, often in backpacks, on dog sleds, or over thousands of miles of water to reach Fairbanks. Pioneers didn’t lack for inventiveness with materials at hand in the Alaska wilderness, and they didn’t deprive themselves of the gadgets and conveniences of civilization either. It is fascinating collection. Admission: Free, however, donations are accepted.
  • The Big Stampede Theater, where the Gold Rush to Alaska is preserved and presented on canvas paintings by artist Rusty Heurlin and narrated by Ruben Gaines. The audience views the 15 paintings while seated on a revolving platform—the only one in Alaska.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.83908
Longitude: -147.77068
Driving Directions