If anything can wear out your camera, it’s a trip to Alaska. PicTours Alaska offers short, fun excursions that highlight some of the coolest places in and around Anchorage – including spots that most visitors don’t ever hear about. Capture abundant scenic views and wildlife sightings, plus a spirit of adventure, as you pose surrounded by some of the most spectacular backdrops in the world.

Bring your memories of Alaska home

The fast-paced tours promote interaction and fun, with expert photo advice that you’ll use right away, whether you have a stand-alone camera or a cell phone. PicTours Alaska will guide you to tried and true areas, where you can capture the flavor of Alaska with a click or screen tap. This is one active excursion that delights the whole family – from mom and dad to tots and teens.

The Tours

Board the PicTours comfortable shuttle for one of four different tours, ranging between 2 to 3.5 hours. Each tour accommodates up to 12 guests, and you’ll all have a chance to get photos in several locations.

Nature’s Rush

Head south on the scenic Seward Highway. Stops on this tour typically include Beluga Point, Bird Point and Windy Pass for impressive views of Turnagain Arm and the mountains that loom on either side. The highlight of this trip, however, is the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, where you can get up close to wildlife in a natural setting. Get the angle right, and your photos will look like you’re out in the wilderness with bears, moose, wolves and more. Come home with pics of caribou, elk, or another unique find – wood bison. The Center hosts the only captive herd in the U.S.

Photo Bomb Alaska

Photo Bomb takes you to locations within Anchorage in search of gorgeous Alaskan scenery: lush forests, a serene lake, and dramatic mountain ranges. It also focuses on quintessential Alaskan themes: pose in front of a floatplane, a log home, or "panning for gold." Stops on this tour usually include Lake Hood, Turnagain Arm, Beluga Point, and Potters Marsh, a waterfowl migration point that hosts ducks, swans, geese, thousands of migrating chickadees and the occasional bear or moose.

Choose your own adventure with PicTours Alaska

Selfie Whirlwind

Fire up your Instagram or Facebook account with images from about ten different Anchorage spots in just a few hours. With selfie sticks and plenty of outrageous ideas, PicTours Alaska will maximize the fun and help you look your best – all over town. Grab selfies in front of cool artistic sculptures, a huge tattoo sign…maybe even a motorcycle clubhouse. Locations will vary by weather and interests, but one thing is certain: you’ll have a great time and will likely create some buzz back home.

Brewery Run

Anchorage boasts several local breweries, and you’ll visit three of them in three hours! Shuttle from one to the other to sample popular drafts, unique recipes, and tasty appetizers. Get photos of you and your friends having a fun, relaxed time at each spot, with PicTours Alaska at your service as a designated driver. This is the perfect way to enjoy an outing for your wedding party or Alaskan family reunion.

Private Tour

If you have at least 8 in your group, you can request a private booking, available on Fridays. Select from one of the set tour options, or mix and match by arrangement with PicTours Alaska.

Photography in the Far North

It’s all about the light, folks. There’s plenty more of it in the summer, but the low angle gives it a different, almost surreal, quality at times. You’ll move from spot to spot fairly quickly, as you chase the light. There is regular rain and cloud cover in Alaska too, with overcast days offering surprisingly ideal conditions for capturing great shots. Your PicTours Alaska guide will give you tips on framing your photos, adjusting camera settings and simple techniques for getting the best selfies.

About PicTours Alaska

PicTours Alaska owners Bob and Carla Terrazas are international travel aficionados who have taken their share of photos while on vacation. They’ve raised five children in Anchorage, and have discovered every interesting nook and cranny along the way. Having run vacation rental properties, they also have a keen understanding of tourism in Alaska and absolutely love showing off Anchorage and its surroundings. Bob is the primary PicTours guide. He’s an avid photographer with years of experience in marketing, advertising, and videography, and he enjoys helping others see Anchorage through the lens. Bob is enthusiastic about changing technologies, especially the power of cell phone cameras, for him a “fantastic medium.” In fact, he’s committed himself to only using his phone camera, and you’ll see examples on the PicTours website. Whether you have a digital SLR, Android or iPhone, Bob has the photographic and technical savvy to help you capture amazing shots.