Pelican’s school buildings, like many of the other buildings on the inlet side of the boardwalk, are built on pilings to keep them up out of the water. The schools were built during a time when Pelican had more residents. Today the total school population now ranges between 10 and 15 students.

These schools provide not only a learning environment, but important space for recreating. The elementary school offers a playground with swings and green space. The high school has an outdoor covered basketball court and an indoor gym that is often open during the evenings.

Note: Two community-carved totems – a bear and a raven - can be seen outside the Middle-High School as well.

Getting There

Latitude: 57.961385
Longitude: -136.234374

From the ferry terminal, turn right and make your way down the boardwalk toward Pelican Creek. You’ll pass the health center and library before you come to the elementary school building on your right. Turn right down another boardwalk to explore the playground, basketball court and Middle-High school.

Driving Directions