Pack Train Building

The large, three-story Pack Train Building is the tallest historic building in Skagway. The three buildings that make up this block date from 1900, but like many others on Broadway, they were first located elsewhere. These were originally barracks that once comprised part of Camp Skagway, located two blocks up Broadway on 6th Ave. The military abandoned them when it moved to the Haines area in 1904, and four years later, they were moved here. The corner business, run by the mayor and his partner, was a saloon called The Trail. (On the 4th Avenue side of the building, there is a large sign, proclaiming "UAU-TO-NO-THE-TRAIL," which dates from this period.) Soon afterwards, the Lynch and Kennedy clothing store opened just south of the saloon. To appreciate how much a facade can improve a building, step back and note the intricate woodwork facing Broadway. Then turn down 4th Avenue and see how the barracks look from the back side.

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Broadway & 4th
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