Other Advice for the Tana River

  • Dry suits or at the least, wetsuits are needed to run the Tana Canyon as at any time someone could be flipped overboard and at worst a raft could flip, in which case once in the frigid water you have little time to get out. There have been deaths in this section of river so please proceed with caution.
  • Grizzly bears are common in this area and all precautions to eliminate unwanted encounters should be taken.

GPS Coordinates

  • Tundra Strip: N 61 degrees and 00 minutes by W 142 degrees and 42 minutes
  • Dunes Camp: N 61 degrees and 04 minutes by W 142 degrees and 45 minutes
  • Jake's Bar: N 61 degrees and 21 minutes by W 142 degrees and 46 minutes
  • O'Brien Creek: N 61 degrees and 29 minutes by W 144 degrees and 28 minutes

Getting There

Latitude: 61
Longitude: -142.7
Driving Directions