Other Advice for the Copper River

  • Be well advised to not stop on the left side of the river opposite of Child's Glacier. I have seen with my own eyes calving of such size that large tsunami like waves are pushed up the 20-mile an hour current along the shore creating a boiling wall of water at shoreline. The force of the river would eat any raft parked here. If you are floating past, the wave will flow under your raft but along the shore, it is carnage! It is best advised to stop there in your vehicle as you leave the river trip to view this amazing glacier face.
  • This entire trip is along one of the greatest salmon runs in the state and as a result the grizzly bear population is high, so take all precautions of food storage, clean camps, no food in tents and hike as a group making plenty of noise as you go.
  • This area is also known for extremely heavy rainfall. Good rain gear and tents are mandatory and the mosquito population is high during midsummer.
  • Also note, the foliage of this climate is very thick and one plant in particular, Devil's Club will stop most people in their tracks. Leather gloves can make it easier to pass some of this spiny obstacle.

GPS Coordinates

  • Slana Bridge Put In: N 62 degrees and 42.3 minutes by W 143 degrees and 56.6 minutes
  • Put In above McCarthy Road: N 61 degrees and 31 minutes by W 144 degrees 25 minutes
  • Wood Canyon: N 62 degrees and 26 minutes by W 144 degrees 28 minutes
  • Bremner Hike Pull Out: N 60 degrees and 58 minutes by W 144 degrees and 45 minutes
  • Million Dollar Bridge Take Out: N 60 degrees and 40 minutes by W 144 degrees and 44 minutes
  • Flag Point Take Out: N 60 degrees and 26.9 minutes by W 144.5 degrees and 05.1 minutes

Getting There

Latitude: 62.700833
Longitude: -143.935
Driving Directions