Other Advice for the Chitina River

  • All along the upper river there are many fish-choked, clear tributaries where grizzly bears are likely to hang out. It is not wise to camp at these sites as tempting as it is. Of course stopping to collect clear water in your water jugs, or having lunch there is a great idea.
  • Most people filter these waters to ensure there are no giardia parasites to infect you. The clear settled pools in the middle of the big river bars, however, hold water delicious to drink as is. Regardless, care should be taken with your drinking water sources.
  • One of the things you will soon notice is that every night the river will rise, sometimes a lot! This is due to the fact that the daily melt of the glaciers takes many hours to arrive where you are and on hot sunny days you should expect substantial water level rises during the late night. Also it is not uncommon for large glaciers of this region to unexpectedly release huge volumes of water from lakes trapped under the glaciers, a phenomenon know as a jökulhlaup. ALWAYS tie up your boats to more than one spot and tie your boats together for the night!

GPS Coordinates:

  • Hubert's landing: N61 degrees and 00.0 minutes by W 141 degrees and 42 minutes
  • Jake's Bar: N61 degrees and 21 minutes by W142 degrees and 46 minutes
  • O'Brien Creek: N 61 degrees and 29 minutes by W 144 degrees and 28 minutes

Commercial Outfitters:

  • Too Loo Uk River Guides
  • St Elias Guides
  • Sundog Expeditions
  • Copper Oar
  • Kennicott Guides

Getting There

Latitude: 61
Longitude: -142.766667
Driving Directions