Other Advice for the Alsek River

  • The Alsek is seriously a Graduate Level wilderness trip and must be treated as such.
  • The Lava North Rapid is a big water rapid and the consequences of a swim here are dire. Several lives have been lost here by the unprepared. For this reason it is worth having a dry suit to wear for just this one rapid!
  • The winds can blow away tents that are not properly staked down.
  • Have some sort of tent zipper lubricant as the glacial silt will get into everything and the zippers are the first to fail.
  • You need to register at the Kluane Visitor Center and pay camping fees for the nights you are in Kluane Park.
  • It is common practice to tie all your boats together at night and tie them off to more than one anchor.

Getting There

Latitude: 60.74769
Longitude: -137.506821
Driving Directions