Old Side Road to Solomon River Overlook

Solomon River

Solomon River. Photo by Valerie Gorm

Salmon Viewing

An old road bed leading to a Solomon River overlook is a good spot to look for salmon, Dolly Varden,
and Arctic grayling in late July and August. Chum salmon rarely spawn beyond here as dredging took out the pools and riffles they seek. Coho salmon spawn a little farther upriver.


Say’s phoebe will launch from its nest on a secluded ledge or crevice on the cliff face to catch insects flying above the river. Northern shrike, harlequin duck, spotted sandpiper, and wandering tattler are seen from this vantage point. In some years, the cliff is occupied by common raven, rough-legged hawk, or other raptors so be careful your presence does not disturb nesting birds.

The side road reconnects with Council Road at Mile 41.

Getting There

Latitude: 64.63709
Longitude: -164.36748
Driving Directions